Friday, December 28, 2012

Progress and Positive Attitudes

We’re improving! Both of us. Yesterday she got caught ‘sneaking’ candy from the pantry. She accepted responsibility for her actions rather than denying what she was doing. Then she accepted the consequences of her actions. First time! Then she was a very good girl the rest of the day, and today, too! We shall see how long this lasts. :) Positive attitudes!
I do have her weaned off of Disney channel, now she LOVES The Cosby Show! I’m so OK with that! I love that show – and it shows true family values and Bill Cosby is one of my all-time favorite role models! Not to mention funny as heck!!
So, tonight we’re watching The Cosby Show and enjoying some quiet time at home. It is nice. She’s not completely out of control today. I’m feeling confident that we will continue to improve!
Blessed Be!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Settling In…

Well, we are settling in. Slowly, but, we’re getting there. We went to my company Holiday party today. She spent 4 hours jumping in the bouncy house. F-O-U-R – count them – 4 hours!! I was so hoping when we got home she would be worn out. NO! I had to tell her multiple times to use her ‘indoor voice’. Finally she calmed down a bit when we sat in front of the TV (Computer) to watch some crazy Bratz thing. We will wean her off these horrible TV choices. Time limits! She can watch Discovery, History, Science – all those good channels – all she wants! Disney – Nickelodeon – NO!!!
Then we read the rest of our book and went to sleep.
She is getting better….
I’m getting better….
We have a long road ahead of us, but we will be OK. It will all work out!
With a little time and a lot of love, all things can heal!!

Blessed be!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Goodbye Sleep, Hello Stress!!

So, every one of you out there that are moms are laughing at me. I know it, you know it. So, just laugh it up! :) I cannot wait to get into a routine so I can actually get something done!!!!!
This girl is a handful! She has more energy than any human could possibly have, it’s like the Energizer Bunny! We have had our challenges, but we’re getting there. Today was a good day. A very good day.
There was very little attitude, and almost no argument. We had dinner, she ate well (finally) and had her ice cream for dessert. She loves the way I make her ice cream cones. We in the Wells family do NOT just put a scoop of ice cream on top of a cone, oh no, we get a spoon and FILL that ice cream cone up, stuff it in there, and THEN put the scoop on top! That way, you have ice cream all through your cone! She loves it. Of course, what kid wouldn’t??
A friend from work gave us a big bag of clothes – Don’Shel was ecstatic! She wanted to play ‘Fashion Show’, but we just didn’t have time. There is so little time in a day. With moving out to East Mesa, the commute to work is longer, so there is less time in a day to do things. I’m out of the house by 6:20am, and back to the house by about 5:30-6pm. She loves the before and after school care, and was grumpy last night because she had to come home.
There has been a HUGE outpouring of advice from just about everyone – thank you all! Some works, some doesn’t. Don’Shel is a special girl – smart as a whip – and can figure you out to her best advantage very quickly.
The best part of my day:
On the way to school this morning –
Don’Shel – “What are those other two holes under there?”
Me – “Under where??”
Don’Shel – laughing hysterically – “You said UNDERWARE!!!!”
Such a perfect 8 year old moment – which is great for a child that hasn’t really been an 8 year old!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Serious Crazy New Beginings!!!!

Wow! I can't even express my overwhelming appreciation for, well, everything & everyone!!! I knew my friends & family were awesome, but these last few weeks have shown me a side of everyone that brings tears to my eyes!!

Don'Shel is asleep in the room next door, and I realized today how amazing she is! She is afraid of cats, but we talked and I showed her a book on cat behavior, she read the book (mostly) and is showing a real interest in learning & overcoming her fear.

She was very helpful with packing and loves to play the jokester.

Moving tomorrow is scary & sad, yet exciting & fun. She will miss her friends & her foster family, but is happy to be in her forever family. All normal stuff!!

It won't be long before she starts to really show her "true" self, and when that happens I will know she is comfortable!!!

So many people have offered help and support! When I started this, it was the most logical way for me to "have" a child. I didn't really think of it as anything special. After the way so many people have responded, it makes me pause and really THINK! It started as a selfish "I want a kid" thing and has morfed into a "I want to give THIS kid a real loving home!"

I realize that this isn't going to be sll sunshine and rainbows, but won't the immense positives outweigh the silly little negatives???

I think that is what life is all about!

Blessed be!