Sunday, September 30, 2012

Choosing Associates - How We Learned...

As many of you have noticed, I am very picky and choosy about who are my 'friends' on Face Book. I only choose those that are actually people I care about - friends and family. I don't let anyone and their mamma become my 'friend' on FB.

With that in mind, I was going through my friends and thinking on how I remember a few from way back when we were younger, and who they are today. I noticed that more than I realized are now in same sex marriages. And that got me to thinking (after a post from a friend about people speaking about gay lifestyles) about how it is that people choose their friends and associates.

Me in particular - how was I taught to choose? When I think of my childhood, the prominent teacher and disciplinarian was Mom with Da in the background. Then I think specifically of how we were taught to choose our friends and it becomes Da in the forefront and Mom in the background. These were things that Da taught us by example, not by lecturing which was Mom's chosen method! Da taught us that these are the most important and best ways to act:
• Always have integrity and honesty
• Your word is your bond - never break it
• Work hard - even if you don't like the job, always do your best
• Treat people fairly and with respect - never cheat a person
Then I realized that these qualities were ones that he not only taught us to have, but to look for in people. I believe in Da’s quiet way, he taught us that these were qualities that a person can choose to have, or choose not to have, therefore choosing your friends based on this is right and proper. The underlying message is that one shouldn’t choose their friends for things that the person cannot choose to have or be. You can’t choose, no matter how hard we may try, who you’re attracted to or who you love, you can’t choose the race you’re born into. With that in mind, why do people use those reasons to choose their friends?
One reason I’ve noticed is religion. Well, I say BULL SHIT on that! Jesus Christ accepted and loved everyone – whore and leper alike. He loved and forgave Judas; He loved and forgave the people that crucified Him. So – that example is that we love everyone. Didn’t He teach love, acceptance and tolerance? So, if you are using religion to hate, reject and shun anyone – no matter who they are – aren’t you just playing into the Devil’s hands???

Blessed Be!