Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Stronger.....Maybe??

I haven’t posted in a long time, obviously. I’ve been busy, but mostly because when I have free time, I usually spend it catching up on the TV shows I wanna watch!

Today was a good day! We are having more and more of them. I still sometimes feel like, “What did I get myself into???”, but overall, things are good.

The other day when I dropped her off at school she leaned down and grabbed something. So I asked her if she dropped something. She said, “No, I’m pulling down my pants!” I started laughing so hard, and she gave me such a typical Grace look that said, “You KNOW what I mean! I’m NOT pulling DOWN MY PANTS!” All that in one look.
I think her true personality is starting to show. That’s nice, because it is really a great personality. We still have to work on sitting still, paying attention, thinking before acting, and a bit of aggression. But, these things take TIME! I’m sooo impatient!!!!

She’s drawing me a picture of her day today. I love it!

My thing is to work on my anger management skills. It is extremely difficult during PMS, let me tell you!!!

Practice and patience. Two things I’m having difficulty with. Well, mostly the patience thing. I keep hearing Ma in my head saying, “Patience is a virtue!”, as she said for my entire childhood!!!

The support I get from my family and friends is tremendous. It makes me realize how strong the bonds are. D has been especially helpful, and is so patient! I can see that she will make an incredible mother some day!

My new position is wonderful. Better hours (until summer, which is our peak time), better pay and an overall better job. Right up my alley! Oh, and of course, a WAY better boss!!!

I have a new car, a house, a daughter a great job, a wonderful family and incredible friends. I have so much in my life. I can’t imagine it could get any better!

Blessed be!!